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Bridging Dreams to Reality,
One Venture at a Time

Gaia Holding, a dynamic conglomerate, houses a range of businesses dedicated to excellence. Under its umbrella, House of Mausio, a family-owned Fashion House in Fiji, embodies conscious and culturally inspired fashion, crafting ethically designed pieces preserving Pacific heritage. Pacific Voyager, a premier travel planning service, delivers first-class experiences across diverse destinations.

The conglomerate's engineering division, with over two decades of expertise, specializes in steel tank construction, structural welding, and civil works. High Garden, within Gaia Holding, redefines luxury in accommodations and landscaping, offering an immersive Pacific experience. This visionary enterprise stands as a testament to commitment to quality, sustainability, and seamless fusion across diverse industries.

Pacific Voyager offers seamless travel planning for unforgettable getaways, specializing in first-class services across the Pacific and beyond. Their seasoned agents curate personalized experiences, securing competitive fares and exclusive deals. Leveraging well-established industry connections, they unveil unique travel promotions. Pacific Voyager transforms travel dreams into reality, providing unparalleled access to opportunities. Whether craving Pacific tranquility or global allure, entrust your aspirations to them for a meticulously crafted, preference-tailored experience. With a commitment to unparalleled service, Pacific Voyager ensures your getaway is more than a destination – it's a journey of a lifetime.


House of Mausio, a family-owned Fashion House in Fiji, blends style with environmental and cultural consciousness. Inspired by Pacific Islands traditions, they create ethically and sustainably crafted pieces, aiming to preserve the region's rich heritage. Their dedication to longevity and cultural traditions positions fashion as a timeless legacy, passing down stories for generations. House of Mausio stands as a testament to socially responsible fashion, harmonizing aesthetics with a commitment to the environment and cultural heritage in the scenic Tropical Islands of Fiji.


Embark on a journey to the allure of High Garden, seamlessly blending luxury and comfort. Impeccable accommodation services, efficient cleaning solutions, and transformative landscaping elevate your experience. This Pacific excellence curates an environment embodying the region's finest services, offering a perfect fusion of opulence and relaxation. Whether a lavish retreat or a cozy haven, High Garden ensures a meticulously crafted stay where every detail enhances your experience. Experience the best the Pacific has to offer with a harmonious balance between sophistication and tranquility. Uncover a world where luxury meets serenity at High Garden, your gateway to an exceptional Pacific experience.


Based in Fiji, with over 20 years of collective industry experience, WABS Pacific provides comprehensive services in construction, fabrication, and maintenance of steel tanks. Their diverse clientele includes local, regional, and international companies. Specializing in projects ranging from large-scale oil tanks to essential water and food storage tanks, catering to both corporations and local communities. WABS expertise extends to structural welding for buildings, infrastructure, and civil works, encompassing underground tanks, warehouses, and recreational structures. Committed to professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, our team executes projects with the highest standards of safety and perfection, embodying their company motto.

WABS Pacific

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