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Calm Sea

Gaia Holding:
Investing in Tomorrow,
Impacting Today

Welcome to Gaia Holding, a visionary enterprise established in 2020 with a resolute commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and community development. Founded by the dynamic and forward-thinking serial entrepreneur, Mr. Michael Mausio, Gaia Holding is at the forefront of managing a diverse array of enterprises that drive economic growth and prosperity.

About Us

The ethos of Gaia Holding revolves around a core belief:
By investing in both social and economic development, we can elevate the quality
of life in local communities and drive sustainable growth.

Gaia Holding is steadfastly committed to building a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.

At Gaia Holding, our unwavering focus is on empowering individuals and economies through the strategic development of our subsidiary companies. As a dedicated holding company, we provide essential support and resources to a distinguished roster of enterprises, including WABS Pacific Engineering, Pacific Voyager, House of Mausio, Marau Pacific, Fortune Acres, Kane Holding, Fortune Acres, and High Garden. Our mission is to ensure the success and sustainable growth of these entities in Fiji and the wider region. Our seasoned team is passionately dedicated to assisting our businesses in reaching their full potential while making meaningful contributions to the local community.


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